The Firm

We are a specialist firm of solicitors with a sole emphasis on soft Intellectual Property and Media law. We address our clients’ legal challenges from the ‘real-world’ perspective to deliver practical, cost-effective, and business-focussed solutions.

As a niche practice, we are able to combine true professional expertise with a personal client care service. Unlike other firms we do not claim to offer a full range of legal services, but strive to be the best at what we specialise in. Our experience in delivering groundbreaking work has enabled us to establish successful long-term client relationships across diverse industries.

We undertake both contentious and non-contentious work across the range of soft IP rights and consumer-driven Media – from Internet, TV and entertainment, to fashion, sport, gaming, and branding – and have a particular understanding of existing and emerging digital media.

The challenge fundamentally involves understanding where the eyes, ears and spending power of the consumer go. We advise on the legal issues that emerge from this.

What our clients say...

  • " of the leading authorities in the field of intellectual property. Citing them as our advisors has certainly given our company greater credibility ...."

  • "I have worked with most major law firms.... They are easily the best in every way. David Hansel's knowledge of our industry is unparalleled".

  • "Worked with them on trade mark litigation: I don't have any issues with the firm's billing practice, nothing to improve on - no criticisms."

  • "They have the correct attitude to the work and to the clients. Client's interests come ahead of billable hours."

  • "Use for IP disputes - the firm provides excellent service."

  • "During the last nine years David and his colleagues have advised and helped me with numerous issues. They are always up to speed with "real" developments in the technology world and have a strong grasp of future consumer trends and technological applications."

  • "I have an excellent impression, I have been recommending them widely.....Very quick and responsive."